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transportation management software (tms)
warehouse management software (radio frequency) (wms)
batch inventory verification solution
pack verify, mh10 and asn file builder
load planner
route planner
print and apply
ticketing station
barcode-relay program
automatic diverters, scan tunnels and conveyors
automatic returns processing high volume
carton handling
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warehouse management solutions
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imagine wms - warehouse management solutions

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- imagine offers complete warehouse management software (wms) that provides efficient, accurate, and timely operations. imagine has a solution for every function of your warehouse from reception of goods to rating and manifesting your shipments ( tms & wms software ) .
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imagine/radio beacon is a complete warehouse management solution that provides efficient, accurate, and timely operations. every function - from receiving to manifesting - is designed to let you pick the right goods into the right carton and ship it out the door accurately, quickly and efficiently. the following are just some of the features of an imagine/radio beacon solution.
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paperless check-in
upc verification and labeling
one-step put away to bins
stock immediately available for picking
cross-referencing of supplier part numbers
incorrect shipment identification
normal, wave, and random receiving options
rma (return materials authorization) processing
discrepancy reports
inbound freight management
"low stock" alert
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simultaneous and sequential zone picking
support for carousels
"forward picking" from fast-flow locations
product substitutions
"carton picking" from dedicated or random locations.
"kitting" function
'order verification' and 'price ticketing' in multiple formats
concurrent replenishment and picking
tracking of serial numbers or lot codes
bin assignment with reach codes and size codes
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fifo stock rotation
cycle count by date/ product/ bin location
audited product relocation
inventory tracking of product through the warehouse
'fill rate management' capability provides a flexible "predictive" allocation process
tracking of both picking and overstock
issues replenishment requests based on actual orders (vs. min./max.)
paperless replenishment requests issued as bins run down
stock adjustments
slotting recommendations
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integrated multicarrier shipping system
interfaced multicarrier shipping system (2 way)
interfaced multicarrier shipping system (1 way form wms)
when tms and wms are integrated such features as : transparent order processing, prepick carrier/rating and labels process can be implemented
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make money through amazon
· wms software is not just software. it is a process for effectively running your distribution center and the tools necessary to help you do so. think of it as a "pc-in-the-warehouse" that focuses on helping you boost warehouse productivity, improve customer service, reduce errors and slash costs!
make money through amazon· paper handling is a major source of warehouse inefficiency, lost productivity and errors. it is inevitably misplaced, filed in the wrong place, key punched incorrectly, etc. warehouse workers often spend valuable time looking for, waiting on, or delivering paper. make money through amazon uses interactive radio frequency technology to turn your operation into a fully automated paperless warehouse!
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make money through amazonmake money through amazon/ radio beacon boosts productivity and diminishes errors by reducing the handling of goods in the warehouse. the system produces shipping labels for cartons before an order is picked, estimates the shipment cube, and encourages you to pick orders directly into the final shipping cartons. it can also rate-shop the shipment, print freight labels for the empty cartons, and manifest automatically. the result: pick, pack and ship in one step!
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· radio beacon promotes a vast array of picking styles and combinations, including wave, zone, batch, product and carton picking. the system's tremendous versatility decreases the time spent "walking around" a warehouse and permits your operation to adapt to new or changing requirements.
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· often the biggest single opportunity for productivity and customer service gains is to process each order right, first time, every time. radio beacon verifies each product interactively, using bar codes and rf "laser" hand held, to let you run at full speed with no fear!
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· the system uses familiar, easy to maintain dos/windows and lan technology. you can be up and running with only pcs on your lan, an rf system and a bar code label printer. large warehouses may scale up by assigning separate pcs to transfer host files, print packing slips, manifest shipments, and run reports.
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· the system substantially reduces wasted labor by keeping a local perpetual inventory of every location in the warehouse, performing incremental cycle counting during operating hours, tracking both pick and multiple overstock locations for a product, and providing concurrent replenishment and picking.
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· radio beacon does not replace existing order entry and inventory systems; it extends them into the distribution center and improves the quality of the warehouse data available to them. the system lets you protect your existing investments, cut the risks associated with implementing new technology, and keep the cost of adding rf extremely low!
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