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transportation management software (tms)
warehouse management software (radio frequency) (wms)
batch inventory verification solution
pack verify, mh10 and asn file builder
load planner
route planner
print and apply
ticketing station
barcode-relay program
automatic diverters, scan tunnels and conveyors
automatic returns processing high volume
carton handling
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warehouse management solutions
imagine wms - warehouse management solutions
how do i get paid on amazon
how do i get paid on amazon
the returns system was developed for customers who have a high volume of returns.
this process was developed to perform the function of:

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returns are processed as they are received and do not require any presorting or identification before being presented to the returns system.
along with the above processes, the supervisor can also take care of the following daily tasks:

Wagering Requirements: 35 times Contacting support can be done on a 24 hours basis.


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